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I was born in Edmonton, Canada. My parents were Dutch immigrants that left for Canada in the early 1950’s. At birth my parents named me Josephine Adèle Kau, but nowadays everyone calls me Yoff (pronounce with long ooooo). In the 70’s our family moved back to the Netherlands and as you can see…..I’m still residing here.

In my teens people started noticing that I enjoyed giving massages and sometimes it seemed that I had ‘magic hands’, that succeeded in alleviating pain. Back then these were strictly intuitive moments where I offered help as a random act of kindness. In my thirties all these things started to make sense to me and I finally acted upon this natural instinct of mine, but first I took a detour towards a more administrative career where I honed my skills as an office manager and secretary to the CEO.

In the meantime I took up Tai Chi in 1992 and my perceptive teacher immediately noticed my interest in bodywork. He also taught Shiatsu and so he became my first teacher in 1993. This first taste of shiatsu was so right for me that it made me decided to seek out professional training as a shiatsu therapist.

I found my way to the Dutch School for Classical Shiatsu with Alan Nash and I did my final exams in 1998. Then I added an extra year with Kawada Sensei, a very inspiring Japanese teacher, who also furthered our knowledge with more diagnostic techniques and more wisdom on top of all the cool stuff I had already learned, amazingly inspiring!

After securing my therapists degree in 1998, I officially opened my practice and worked towards laying down a solid foundation there, while simultaneously holding my day job as a secretary. That was the moment I chose to no longer aspire high ranking secretarial positions and directing more and more of my attention toward less stressful, less responsible forms of the same work. And so I successfully combined my two worlds. But from the summer of 2006 I decided to take a huge leap of faith and fully concentrate on my own business as a therapist. I left my other job behind and never looked back.

Since then I’ve enthusiastically wandered onto further paths within natural healing. Modalities that I found are complementary to working with Shiatsu. I can take immense pleasure in gathering wisdom and knowledge and sharing this with fellow therapists. There is so much to learn in this realm! Sometimes a workshop or seminar, sometimes on a more personal level of sharing even through internet forums. So now my field of work has expanded to amongst others Do-In (Acu-yoga/meridian stretching) teacher, Bowen Technique, Triggerpoint Therapy, Kinesio-taping, Reiki, Holistic Pulsing and natural health advisory.

I have personally experienced that once you set your own feet on the path of being a body worker, the opportunities to journey towards further development and practical applications for the knowledge you have acquired simply become endless. I am certain that the application and integration of the ancient Eastern Wisdom will remain a source of inspiration and enlighten doctors and therapists within and outside of natural healing. This will help us to see our clients as unique being combined of endless variety of ingredients instead of just the symptom or physical problem that we have identified them with before when they visit us. I see treatment as a collaboration with the client. This way we are working together towards a higher quality of life and adapting our personal circumstances for the better.

I look forward to meeting you soon.
See you then!


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I feel privileged to be part of a network of very capable therapists and practitioners.
I built this network during the period I have been practicing my profession. If I cannot help you I will always be honest about that. Then I will gladly refer you to one of the trusted colleagues from my own network.

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