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During the first few years after my final exam in Classical Shiatsu I decided to concentrate on deepening my experience and knowledge of working with meridians and tsubo’s. But other disciplines within natural healing crossed my path and I felt that they would be complementary to my work with Shiatsu.

I decided I would like to offer my clients a wider range of therapies to choose from within the bodywork. Shiatsu will always be the backbone of my work, but being able to pick and taste from different spices of life might whet your body’s appetite and be even more nourishing in the long run.
Now that I have more tunes to my repertoire besides Shiatsu, I’ve decided to offer my clients an expanded menu through “Bodyworks”.

In the menu on the right you can click through to descriptions of all of the techniques I have incorporated into my practice. A common quality that they share is that they all stimulate the body and nervous system to activate its self healing properties. The body, mind and spirit are actually an inseparable entity, and the only thing they want is to serve you as best as they can. Sometimes you can experience reactions to a blockage caused by internal or external causes, but with a little help and persuasion there is a lot to achieve in releasing these blockages. Believe me, I’m not trying to say that it’s easy to heal or conquer serious illnesses. Sometimes simply a change of attitude - feeling a bit more grounded and focused - can give you the freedom and sense of control you need to make important decisions in your life. It will be easier to truly be in the moment, and that will give you a sense of purpose or even the will to stand up and fight. From this new place it is easier to devise a strategy for the short and long term future. The body works!!

Bodywork can be a wonderful gift to yourself or others. It’s possible to buy treatments in bulk, so that you can get a discount on the price per treatment. There are also gift vouchers available if you want to give your friends or loved ones a treat. Please call or write me for more detailed information.

It’s also possible to join me for workshops and classes. These would be in the subject of Shiatsu, Do-In, Reiki and “developing your posture and voice through body awareness” or combinations of these subjects. Each class or workshop is custom made to fit the participants. The location can be your own choice or one organized by me.
The workshops last a day or half a day, depending on the wishes of the participants. A specific subject is highlighted within this period. These workshops are organized throughout the year and can also be custom made as a team-building event, to strengthen club relationships, or to provide entertainment during a family reunion. The level of the workshop can be tailor made to fit the level of lay persons or to supply additional information for people who have already furthered their studies.

Call me or email me for more information on gift vouchers, workshops and classes.

The Bodyworks Studio is now offering:

  • Classical Shiatsu Therapy
  • Reiki
  • Bowen Technique
  • Kinesio Taping
  • Triggerpoint Therapy
  • Breathing and Relaxation techniques
  • Do-In (meridian stretching)
  • Pampering and such
  • Tailor made Workshops and lessons

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  • Follow the instructions in that mail to transfer payment.
  • After payment is received I will send you the gift voucher as a pdf file.
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